• Wood Lid (Medium Opening - Orders Under 100 Pcs)


    Medium opening wooden lids that fit the opening sizes for Anchor Hocking and Libbey are listed below. Be sure your container item number is listed here as there are no returns. CandleArt can make a custom size lid for you. Contact us for details. We suggest purchasing a sample kit for your review before purchasing. 

    Anchor Hocking "Medium" Opening Item #'s: 82,3287,3300,3301,3307,3382,3441,3446,3482,3521,3534,3537,3572,3906,3909,3945,3982,7260,7463-01

    Libbey "Medium" Opening Item #'s: 341,356,372,412,477,904,905,985,2853,2857